5 Custom Solutions for Manufacturing Websites

Factory and Manufacturing Websites

This article highlights a selection of advanced solutions that you can include in your custom manufacturing or industrial website to make it a useful resource for visitors and increase potential customer’s trust in you and your company.

To make sure your purchasers know that you can supply the product or service they’re seeking, and that they have found a reliable vendor, you need to display detailed information about your business and the manufacturing products and services you offer.

If you fail to portray yourself (via your website and other marketing) as a competent, transparent and trustworthy supplier, potential purchasers are likely to keep searching for a company they feel comfortable dealing with.

1 - Show off your team

Everyone wants to know who they’re doing business with… the real people behind the product. Display members of your company’s staff, team or workforce. You can divide people into categories, such as locations, or into any other group types. You can even have a list of your staff members by position or departments.

Or display your team in a grid style or in a list with their contact information. Each image can link to further information about the team member. There are various ways of displaying the information, depending on the make-up of your individual company.

2 - Retail outlet locator tool

A store locator will help your website visitors quickly find nearby locations that sell your products.

A stylish interactive Google map displaying the locations of your retail locations will help customers find out where your products are being sold. It’s possible to have an unlimited number of markers and you can display multiple maps on your website. Many options are available to fully customize the map, such as displaying information about the location when a marker is clicked.

3 - Partners, clients and customer information

Show off who you do business with and how happy they are with your service. Incorporating logos on your website is one of the easiest, most effective ways to establish brand credibility and customer trust.

We all know how important testimonials are. I’m guessing you’ve checked out the feedback page on this website to see whether I have any happy customers. I do 🙂

4 - Warranty registration system

Allow customers to raise requests for product returns or claim the warranty for a faulty product. Manage and close warranty and return requests via an easy to manage interface. Display product warranty details on a website page, with a link to a product return form. Receive notifications on email for each request. Track the progress of the request as well as product and cost based reports.

5 - Documents, catalogue and marketing materials

Manage documents, such as health & safety information, suppliers and investors documentation or company policies – using a Windows-like interface, enabling users to view, edit and create files in the folder and its sub-folders. Learn more about document management solutions here: www.i4design.nz/how-your-website-can-be-used-to-file-share-documents

Display a realistic interactive online catalogue or information booklet for customers and clients. Website visitors will be able to view it online as well as download it in PDF format.

Make sure your website stands out from the rest, particularly if you have plenty of competition. Your website is not the place to trim expenses. If built properly, your website will provide you with a return on investment by attracting potential customers.

If you think now’s the time for a website with advanced features to show off your company and it’s commitment to great products and customer service, contact i4design to discuss your requirements.

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

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