How High-Quality Photographs Boost your Business


Promoting new products, especially via an eCommerce site, can be a challenge to any entrepreneur. Clients and consumers rely on getting an accurate idea of what a product will be like before deciding to purchase. If you have high-quality photographs of your products posted on your website and on the product pages, you can boost your sales and improve your eCommerce business.

High-quality images build customer’s trust and confidence. A customer is three times as likely to make a purchase if the photo sample of the product is of good quality. It helps a customer overcome the common touch and feel barrier that comes with selling online products.

If the photo sample of the product is high-quality, it gives customers a closer look of the actual product and helps them decide whether the product quality is something they like. In many cases, products with high-quality images have higher sales rate than products with low quality images.

Website images are not there for no reason or to just “look pretty”. Each image uploaded in websites should be strategically chosen as this can make or break your sales. Good quality images are more likely to capture the interest of potential consumers and sales for you.

Even though content is king, it’s your images that instantly jump off the page. They make your website easy on the eye, they show the world what your business is all about, and they form a big part of your site’s overall first impression.

Because images are so integral, you need to choose the right images. Great, high-resolution images are the order of the day and, unless you’re a photographer using your own images, nothing beats the quality and range of stock images.

Where you can find good, cheap stock photographs for your website

My favourite place for purchasing stock images is Deposit Photos. With a rich library featuring over 40 million images, Deposit Photos is bound to have exactly what you’re searching for. They offer three payment plans – ‘On-demand Downloads’, ‘Monthly Subscriptions’ and ‘Daily Subscriptions’. Compared to many other stock photography sites they are very well priced and have a huge amount of photos, images and even videos to choose from.

Another great online image resource is Around 400,000 images on this site are free. Most providers give detailed licensing information about how their images can be used. Most allow for general commercial use without requiring photo credit, but not to be included in products for resale. Be sure to check the terms of use to see if your specific use is included. Free doesn’t have to mean low quality.

Displaying beautiful stock photography is a tried-and-tested way to create that golden first impression you’re looking for. By displaying a professional-grade photograph, you instantly look the part – credible, professional, and authoritative.

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

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