How great hosting makes your website faster


There are several ways to host your website. The most common are shared hosting or VPS hosting (often offered by developers like me).

The biggest difference between a shared and VPS hosting is how server resources are allocated. With shared hosting, your website is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from  a few hundred to thousands. With VPS hosting your website is sharing resources with anywhere from a few websites up to a few hundred (the number of client websites the developer is looking after).

Another difference is the server specs. Big companies who run large banks of servers hosting the websites of thousands of customers have to be very careful about updating their servers. The last thing they want is hundreds of support calls about websites that have gone down because they have, for example, updated the software that runs the site or the site’s database, or changed the firewall configuration, or made any other changes that can improve the security and speed of the majority of their customer’s website… but potentially bring down others.

That’s why a large proportion of hosting companies are still using outdated PHP versions as the default, for example.

It takes a lot of time, knowledge and skill to keep a VPS server running at it’s best, but the rewards are great. I know that my client’s websites are running at the highest speed that a VPS server is capable of because I keep the server up-to-date and always make sure that it’s utilising the best technologies available.

A small independent hosting provider, such as i4design, is much more hands-on than a large supplier when it comes to updates. When I make changes to the server I then check that every one of my client’s website are running as expected afterwards. Any problems and I’ll address them immediately.

The i4design server is situated in Melbourne with one of the best hosting companies in the Australia / New Zealand region. NetVirtue provides excellent service and reliable, ultra-modern, high quality systems and infrastructure. There is redundancy built in as well. NetVirtue has backup systems in Sydney and Melbourne. If the Melbourne server hardware goes down, the i4design VPS and all it’s content (your website included) immediately switches over to Sydney.

The i4design VPS has 6 CPUs, 4GB Memory and 2TB Bandwidth. It utilises CloudLinux and runs LiteSpeed – a very high-spec combination of hardware and software. I keep the firewall up-to-date (making sure your website is as safe as it can be from hackers and spammers) and have OPcache enabled, which caches the bytecode in order to speed up the code on the server (it speeds up your websites). It’s not uncommon to see a 3x performance increase just by enabling an OpCode cache.

All i4design hosted websites run on PHP 7.0+, MySQL 5.6+ and have SSL enabled. The best feature of PHP 7 is that this version, introduced recently, was written to decrease memory consumption and increase performance. And it did! As soon as I updated all my client’s websites to PHP 7 I saw a noticeable increase in their site’s speed. MySQL 5.6 offers significant performance improvements over earlier versions, and SSL is an integral part of website security.

All of the above is a combination that ensures improved performance, stability, advanced security and increased server efficiency.

The result is your website will be fast, secure and running as well as possible today and into the future.

Looking to move your website to a fast secure and well supported environment? If so, get in touch and we’ll discuss how to go about moving your site to i4design VPS hosting.

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Full Stack Developer – taking care of the backend development and frontend design of websites. Dedicated website administrator, offering everything from low-cost daily site care to help with marketing and increasing sales. Proficient in complex e-commerce transactions and search engine optimisation. Responsible for making sure client websites look great, work well on all devices, are safe, function quickly, efficiently and with the greatest stability.

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