How your Website Can be Used to File & Share Documents


Are you in need of an effective system that would allow your employees, customers or suppliers to work with your company’s files online? Fortunately, these days there are many document manager website plugins that enable you to improve your business’s workflow and handle your document and file management needs.

A Document Management System is a complete online digital filing cabinet. Files can be uploaded, organised and shared, while access is controlled with a complete permissions system. Once it’s up and running you’ll to be able to perform functions such as tracking, storing, adding, drafting, editing, refining, deleting, and sharing your files online via your own website.

Why it's time to stop the ‘traditional’ method of emailing documents

If you’re still using email to send documents back and forth during the collaboration and review processes… I recommend you stop now. Though email was once the most efficient way to share your documents, there are now far safer and more effective ways.

One of the risks of using emails to share documents is that outdated versions may get mixed up with updated versions, causing confusion to all involved. There’s also a chance that the email the document is attached to won’t make it to the recipient’s inbox. With approximately 135 billion emails sent and received every day it’s a good idea to step away from this heavily used resource and separate out your important documents from this type of file sharing ‘system’. More importantly, it’s a fail if your business-critical file gets lost within the shambles of someone’s out-of-control inbox.

Example of a website based document management system

One example and a solution I recommend is JoomUnited’s easy to use yet powerful WordPress file manager. The developers have a great page that covers and demonstrates their plugin’s features.

Wondering what types of files and business documents you can share via your website? Here’s a few ideas:

If you can see a use for a document management system on your website but are unable, or don’t have the time to set it up yourself, give me a call. I can install and configure an effective solution to suit your needs.

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

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