Advanced SEO Services - available to existing clients

Standard search engine optimisation is performed on all websites that I launch, and a sitemap is submitted to Google. If your site was designed and developed by i4design and hosted on the i4design server, it will be fast, mobile ready and have a concise site structure – also important factors that help improve your search engine rankings.

WordPress is extremely search-engine friendly out of the box, giving your site a head start in their quest for search rank domination. However, that’s not all. There are also plenty of built-in tools and WordPress plugins to further improve the SEO of WordPress websites. While search rankings depend on more than that, the CMS offers a solid basis to start from.

If you require more than the standard SEO I offer an i4design advanced SEO service. I’ll perform a comprehensive website audit and competitor analysis, and work on improving your search engine results position and business’s presence in Google. If you’re interested, please email i4design for more information.

On-Site Opimisation (what I do)

On-site SEO is everything to do with how your website is set up to ensure it ranks well in Google.

Website Audit: I’ll review your website to see what can be improved upon.

Competitive Analysis: I’ll review competitor’s keyword usage, onsite meta, link profile, and content.

Mapping of Focused Keywords to Existing Content: I’ll extract applicable search volumes from Google, perform a content audit, group keywords by like concepts and/or themes, assign content types such as page, post, category, tag, or product.

Determine top search terms and optimise content: I’ll insert keywords (the words visitors are likely to type in Google to find your pages) into the website text (no keyword stuffing as that can hurt), create SEO titles, meta descriptions, add ‘Alt’ tags (keyword descriptions) to images, and ensure the correct ‘H1’ and ‘H2’ page titles are in place. To help local visitors find you via Google I’ll make sure that your name and contact details are displayed on all pages of your website (in the footer is good practice), and assist you with signing up to Google Business if you haven’t already (so you show up on Google Maps).

You’ll receive i4design reports every three months showing how your website is performing. $580 (NZD) pays for the initial setup, ongoing optimisation of your website and one year of testing, tweaking and reporting.

Beyond the above, and something you need to keep in mind, is that there has to be a big focus upon relevant, fresh content being added to your website to maintain your Google search page ranking. Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your product or interest. It also helps to encourage customers to leave reviews, add your business to local directories, and share links with legitimate and relevant websites.

Off-Site Optimisation (what I don’t do)

Off-site SEO includes all the other things that affect your ranking – such as Google Business, listings in directories and social media accounts. Most business owners take care of the off-site side of things themselves. That is, they run their own social media pages (e.g. Facebook), set themselves up in local directories (e.g. Yellow Pages) and configure their own Google Business account. If you’re wanting someone to set up and manage your AdWords account, I suggest you use search Google to find a reputable local SEO company that offers this and other specific SEO services beyond those that I’m able to provide you with.
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