Website Audits and SEO

Website audits, analysis and search engine optimisation


Knowing and understanding your website and how it’s performing can give you a better idea of what’s working, and what’s not. The results will help you refine your marketing strategy in order to improve tactics and generate more revenue for your company. Great design and really cool features are beautiful things for a site to have. A strong return on investment is even more beautiful.

Website Audits

If you have a feeling that your website is not performing well enough for your business, it may prove worthwhile to have an audit of your website done. I will objectively evaluate your website to find out what needs to be improved upon in order to ensure that your website performs at its best. I also provide recommendations on ways to improve your website.

A content audit can point out whether the content you’re creating aligns with the products and services you’re selling. One missing link can drag down otherwise stellar work elsewhere. Crucially, a content audit can also bring to light a lack of strategy.

A technical audit may also be in order and can cover very basic and “obvious” things like mobile compatibility/responsiveness and cross-browser issues, as well as issues that might be tougher to see, like inefficient page loads and poor URL structure.

A sales and marketing audit can tell you how content and technology are working together, to say nothing of how design and other factors are influencing your marketing efforts. Solid calls to action and a clear path to conversion are frequently overlooked by people who are paid to focus on the details of content or technology.

Please contact i4websitedesign if you’re interested in receiving a comprehensive website audit.

Search Engine Optimisation

Generating more traffic for a website is like baking; you will need lots of complementary ingredients that work cohesively to get a good result. There is no single tactic proven to produce worthwhile results by itself. Rather, it’s a set of strategies and supporting tools working together. Each page on a website is another opportunity for a potential customer to find you.

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