My Website's Live...
Now What?

Tips on how to make sure your website becomes a useful, income generating part of your business. If building a website is just the start… you need to know what follows.

topics Covered


Why it's a good idea to write blog posts, with good images.


What Google wants and how it ranks your website.


How adding good quality content can boost your sales.


Feeding your website so that it's more than just a brochure.

Free Checklist

To-do checklist to help you keep track of suggested marketing strategies highlighted in ‘My Website’s Live… Now What?

Author spotlight

For over 20 years I’ve been working with computers and technology. With website design and development I found a way to combine my love of tech, design and helping people with tech-related issues. i4design has since evolved into a full service web design company specialising in creating custom websites, as well as providing VPS hosting, maintenance and support.

Anita Henderson

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