Websites for non profit animal care and wildlife rescue organisations


Non-profits and charity organisations have turned to the web to get their message to the public and share the news about the work they do. Of course this means they need websites to display information, share news, ask for workers and volunteers, and request donations.

Your website is the public face of your organisation and it contributes an enormous amount to your brand. The quality of your website should reflect the professionalism that people expect from you. A great website can go a long way towards making all your hard work pay off.

When building websites for carers I focus on the primary needs of non-profits. These include community growth, raising awareness and donations.

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Community growth is key to the long term success of any non-profit. If you’re not growing, you’re likely withering. Growth can be achieved via social media, email newsletters, blog posts, and events.

Raising awareness is all about engagement. Your website visitors should be interested in your story and want to learn more. An attractive website design displaying high quality images, as well as the development of a good visitor experience are key.

Easily accepting tax deductible donations, processing member dues, or conducting online transactions that benefit the cause all go a long way toward making the financial burdens of non-profits lighter.

It’s a sad reality that many fantastic non-profits are underfunded, understaffed, and lacking in technical know-how. After all, a heart of gold doesn’t come pre-packaged with vast resources and a degree in computer science. As a result, the quality and effectiveness of many non-profit websites suffers. But they don’t have to.

Click the link below to find out how i4design can help your organisation stand out with a beautiful functional website that will achieve results. A website built to spend less time pinching pennies and more time helping animals in need.

Info about the Free Website Offer for Animal Carers and Wildlife Rehabilitators

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Full Stack Developer – taking care of the backend development and frontend design of websites. Dedicated website administrator, offering everything from low-cost daily site care to help with marketing and increasing sales. Proficient in complex e-commerce transactions and search engine optimisation. Responsible for making sure client websites look great, work well on all devices, are safe, function quickly, efficiently and with the greatest stability.

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