I’m so glad you decided to choose to work with me on your website project. There are a lot of design and online marketing consultants out there and I’m humbled that you chose i4design. I created this page to make sure we continue moving forward as well as help guide you.

How we communicate

I like to make sure all important information between us is handled through e-mail so we have a record of everything.

Your project is very important to me and because I have multiple active clients at any given time, if you phone me with requests or changes I can possibly be distracted by something after your phone call and forget what you wanted done. By using e-mail, not only will it be impossible for me to forget the request, I can also reference the e-mail during the changes to make sure I don’t miss anything.

To keep communication clear I have found it is much more efficient to work with a single, primary contact from your organisation. It’s up to this single contact to provide project updates and details to the rest of your team if this is required.

Website content

Content is essential and I need you to provide everything that will be used in this project. This includes your text, photos, products, pages and anything that will be used to create your website. I’m in limbo until I get this information. The website framework and design is dependent on your content.

Website content can sent to me be in any format – for example, Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, TXT. Whatever suits you best.

Feedback and revisions

Once I’ve created your website I’ll enable access to it so that you can review it. Please provide me with your feedback in a timely manner. I’ll make all requested changes and corrections to the content within the scope of the original brief. If you want to make major changes that are in addition to the original brief, such as add extra pages or templates or even new functionality, that won’t be a problem, but additional estimated hours may be added to the project budget.

Final thoughts

I aim to make sure that your website project is as efficient and enjoyable as possible so that we will continue to have a great business relationship. If at any time you’re unsure of what’s happening please feel free to get in touch.

Anita ~ i4design

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