Why using HTTPS and SSL on your website matters


HTTPS and SSL – a brief overview

Essentially, SSL establishes an encrypted link between the server where your website is hosted and your visitor’s web browser. This ensures that all data passed between the two remains private and secure.

Google’s objective is to move everyone to a more secure web. HTTPS is one of the measures to help keep your browsing safe and secure. HTTPS uses SSL.

How can I tell if my website has an SSL certificate?

If your website has an SSL certificate the url prefix will display as https instead of http. Your browser will also show a green lock next to the url showing that it’s secure.

Why all i4design sites use SSL Certificates and HTTPS

At the beginning of 2017 Google and other search engines are paying more attention to sites that are secured with SSL certificates. In the next few years sites that are not encrypted with an SSL certificate may even be blocked.


SSL/HTTPS is an additional layer of security in place to prevent hackers from gaining access. With the increase in cyber crime, having an SSL certificate is more important than ever.


Google has officially said that HTTPS is now a ranking factor. It might not be a huge boost, but any boost in search rankings is a good one. And, because of Google’s push for everyone to migrate to HTTPS, you can bet that the weight of this ranking factor will most likely increase in the future.


HTTPS can help by building what we call SSL trust. By seeing that green padlock in the browser address bar, visitors will instantly have more peace of mind knowing that their data is secure. The Chrome team have also announced that beginning in January 2017, they will mark HTTP sites as non-secure. Google is making it a lot more clear to visitors that your website might not be running on a secured connection.


Last but not least, we have performance. Those running properly optimized sites over HTTPS will see speed improvements.

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

Anita Henderson - i4websitedesign

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